Spotlight on a Charitable Athlete

Rhonda McElroy

Charity Corner features athletes who use their time, talent, and effort to benefit others. It is a moral responsibility to consider the needs of others who are less fortunate than us. An athlete will be featured on this page who is worthy of your support. You will have the opportunity to financially contribute to each athlete who is raising money for the cause about which they are passionate.

Rhonda McElroy
Not only does she work full time in Dickson County Schools teaching special needs children. Rhonda has volunteered the majority of her time outside of work to her Church and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The past 5 years, before the sun comes up on Saturday morning, be it rain, snow, or heat, she drives over 40 miles to Nashville to meet her Team in Training (TNT) Team. Every other year Rhonda raises money as a participant with TNT in honor of many friends and close friend’s family members that have suffered a blood related cancer. When she is not a participant she volunteers as a TNT Team Mentor and helps new athletes raise money for the cause and survive the grueling weekend trainings. She has successfully raised over $8000 through her efforts over the years. It can be difficult to put yourself on the line for large sums of money year after year, especially if it means asking the same people for money. Yet Rhonda’s dedication to this cause and humility supersedes any such pride or discomfort! Once again she is working to raise over $4000 by this October. She plans to run the full Marine Corp Marathon on October. She will need your help to continue this journey.

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