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Practicing Wellness with Focus, Food, and Fitness
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I am a board certified Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, and endurance athlete. I graduated from Lipscomb University and completed a residency through National Health Care Corporation. After working in clinical and community nutrition for a decade, I am combining my passion for nutrition and exercise in the practice of Sports Nutrition. Sports Nutrition is one of the fastest growing fields across the globe, and Nashville athletes have not had access to a dedicated board certified sports specialist dietitian. I am assuming that role, and I will promote the growth of Sports Nutrition.As a specialist in this area, I will provide safe, effective, evidence-based nutrition services that include: an assessment, nutrition diagnosis, intervention, counseling, and follow-up evaluations. These services will be available to sports organizations as well as physically active individuals and groups. I specialize in applying the science of sports nutrition to fuel fitness and performance. I also provide personalized sports medical nutrition therapy for special populations. The therapies pertain to: bone mineral disturbances, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, disabled athletes, eating disorders, female athlete triad, food allergies, wound and injury healing, gastro-intestinal disorders, high blood pressure, iron-deficiency anemia, and weight or body composition management. My objectives are to enhance the performance, health and longevity of individuals that range from the “weekend warrior” to the professional athlete with focus, food, and fitness.

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Mari-Etta Parrish R.D., L.D.N., C.S.S.D.